A view to the future

Our schools programme got off to a great start in Autumn sunshine when pupils from Hawkshead Primary School enjoyed an action-packed day at Claife Viewing Station and Ash Landing Nature Reserve with National Trust Rangers and Field Studies Council tutors.

Our programme’s designed to build on class-based learning and give children an insight into practical ways they can conserve and protect their environment. Linking to their Victorian studies the children helped get rid of Himalayan Balsam, an invasive alien species brought into the country by Victorian plant collectors, and learned how to protect native ‘touch me not’ balsam. They also investigated the picturesque ruins of Claife Heights ‘viewing station’ where Victorian tourists used to enjoy the view of the Lake through coloured glass and a mirror!

Then for a spot of serious lake dipping and measuring, the children found quite a few water louse, a species that thrives on polluted water, which helped them understand why there are concerns about Windermere’s water quality. They talked about ways we can all help reduce the Lake’s phosphate levels including buying phosphate free detergent.

Based on article written by Alison Ewin our volunteer Roving Reporter

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