About Us

Windermere Reflections is a Heritage Lottery Fund supported Landscape Partnership Scheme that will run between 2011-2014. The Programme consists of 19 projects all designed to engage locals and visitors in getting to know the area and doing their bit to change things that are damaging to the lake.

The main issues we’re working on are:

  • high phosphate levels – as waters warm up we get algal blooms which cause big problems for other aquatic life.  These ‘ algal blooms’ reduce light and oxygen levels.  Some like blue-green algae are toxic, harmful to both wildlife and humans, damaging to the scenic value of the lake and to the tourism economy dependent upon it.
  • the amount of sediment getting into our rivers and lakes – smothering fish spawning grounds, bringing nutrients including phosphate with it and reducing light levels.
  • Aliens (or non-native invasive plant species) like Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed and Skunk Cabbage – out compete valuable native species and leave bare soil in the winter which is vulnerable to rain and washes into our waters

It’s going to take many years to deal with the issues we’re focusing on. By getting involved you can help continue the good work after we have gone. There are plenty of opportunities each project provides ways you can get a better understanding of the issues and the value of the area’s environment, and what we can all do to help. If you do get involved you’ll also be helping to preserve, restore and protect important natural habitats and celebrate the cultural heritage of the landscape. You can also learn new skills or build on those you already have. You could even get a recognised award (John Muir Award – conserver level). See our get involved section for current opportunities or get in touch to register as a volunteer.