The Catchment

What’s a catchment?

Catchment = The area of land that drains water into a lake or river.

All water landing on fellsides, fields, gardens, roads, etc; and waste water that flows through treatment works or septic tanks eventually ends up in the lake. Windermere has a large catchment including two rivers, smaller lakes and tarns.

Rain washes soils and additives like fertilisers into rivers and lakes, and our water treatment works are overloaded with phosphate from detergents.


The Windermere Catchment

The Windermere Reflections programme takes it’s name from Lake Windermere but as you can see from the map it covers a much wider area, 235km2.

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The water in the lake can be seen as a true indicator of the health of the surrounding landscape - the fields, fells and woodlands. The projects in this programme cover all aspects of the catchments landscape and we’re working to ensuring the health of the lakes and tarns within the catchment is as good as it can be.