Calling all land-owning conservationists…

soft engineering to minimise bank erosionOwn land within the Windermere catchment or know someone who does? Interested in conservation? As part of our practical conservation projects we’re in search of suitable land where soil stabilisation, river restoration and woodland planting work will deliver water quality benefits.

The Windermere catchment includes the Langdales, Grasmere, Rydal, Ambleside, Windermere, Hawkshead, Elterwater, Esthwaite, and Lakeside. We have funding to:

  • Stabilise and restore river bank, including fencing sections to reduce erosion or repairing riverbanks.
  • Plant woodland that helps reduce run off into rivers and lakes (this can be expanding existing or creating new woodlands).
  • Restore river/beck sections to a more natural state by removing existing structures (like walls) and reconnecting them to their floodplain.

Our programme runs until August 2014 and we’re keen to get started on these extra sites as soon as possible. Part of our aim is to spread the word about linking land management to water quality amongst landowners and the general public and these sites will help. We’ll be looking to involve volunteers, and if suitable would want to install some sort of interpretation materials on site to help explain the work that’s been done. Together this means that these sites can act as demonstration sites for others.

If you’re interested or know anyone who might be contact Amanda tel: 01539 434401 email:

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