Green up your challenging challenges!

Picture a warm summer’s morning, thousands of athletes with numbers pinned to their chests limbering up for a 10 mile run up over the fells. Fast forward a few months, autumn is creeping in and rain is pummelling the ground…but keen fell-runners brave the weather because they can’t resist a challenge. Huge numbers of feet pounding our hills and valleys can lead to trampling, loss of vegetation, erosion, sedimentation in lakes, disturbance to wildlife and species loss. Large numbers of people descending on a small village can cause congestion and difficulties for locals and other visitors, putting pressures on limited infrastructure.

To help everyone continue to enjoy the wonderful outdoor environment this area offers we’ve produced ‘Sustainable Organised Recreational Events Guide’, a new ‘best practice toolkit’ for outdoor event organisers that signposts them to the most useful and relevant information available to help maximise the benefit and minimise the negative impact of any event they run. There’s a guide for participants too! Nurture Lakeland produced this toolkit together with the help of a steering group as part of our ‘SORCE’ project.

So get your copy don your favourite running pants and get out there to enjoy the mountains, hills, lakes and valleys and the challenge. Spread the word – and do your bit to keep the landscape a stunning backdrop to your adventurous spirit! Pick up a ‘hard copy’ of the toolkit from the Windermere Reflections office in Ambleside (see below) or download a an ‘event organisers guide’ or ‘participants guide’ from

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