Greening up…

What would persuade you or your friends to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle?  That’s what Windermere Reflections volunteers were exploring in a training session led by Gill Fenna a director of Quantum Strategy & Technology, who kindly gave us the benefit of her expert opinion for free!

Some of our volunteers (street campaigners, education volunteers and those working with community groups) meet and talk to all sorts of people about Windermere Reflections and what we are trying to achieve. As part of our skills building work we wanted to give our volunteers the benefit of Gills knowledge to help them feel confident in having discussions and equipped to answer questions.

Mahatma Gandhi famously said “be the change you want to see in the world” and we decided that walking your talk is indeed a big part of influencing others, so we all identified things we could do differently and how we could apply the ‘top tips’ we generated to our own lives as well as to our time working or volunteering with Windermere Reflections.

We all like to feel good and how we feel about ourselves and the way we act is a big part of that. Understanding the impacts of our choices, how to reduce them and taking positive action really can make us feel great, more connected to where we live or play, and have that warm glow of knowing that we’re doing our bit to keep it healthy. Those choices can be as simple as buying phosphate free dishwasher detergent or emptying your septic tank to help reduce algal blooms.

So remember every little helps and changes small or large add up, helping wildlife and you feel fab! For more top tips about simple actions you can take to help get the ball rolling watch out for our Windermere Heroes campaign where we showcase people already taking action or get in touch.

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