Loving our Lakes

Phosphate found in detergents (laundry and dishwasher soaps), gardening and other household products is entering the lake and contributing to the growth of blue green algae blooms which are harmful to people, wildlife and pets. We’ve been helping 80 local tourism businesses minimise their impact on our lakes and their water quality. Our funding has meant that project partner Nurture Lakeland has been able to visit each of these businesses to provide advice and explore positive changes they can make.

Some of the suggested changes have included: 

  • Changing to phosphate free dishwasher and laundry detergents.
  • Reducing the number of unrequested guest towel changes explaining why through a ‘Love your Lakes’ laundry cards.
  • Stocking phosphate free products for guests to buy.
  • Providing phosphate free product lists to encourage guests to buy p-free. 

So far 10 businesses have taken the full ‘Love your Lakes’ vow, they’ve pledged to protect Windermere ‘forever and ever’ by taking the sort of actions listed above. They are now Love your Lakes accredited and have benefited from bespoke promotional materials that help their guests understand their positive lake friendly practices. 

This work will continue but we’ll also be producing a property pack for those with waterside properties get to grips with some of the special considerations these locations need. In the long term together we can create an algae free future.

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