What are we doing?

Our 19 projects are spread out across the Windermere catchment and cover a wide range of activities from improving access routes and planting trees, to creating artworks and providing training courses. Some projects are being lead by the Windermere Reflections team and others by our partners but they all aim to make a positive difference to the environment of the catchment and our understanding of it.

The projects can be split into 4 groups:

  • Practical conservation activities like river bank repairs to keep peat and soil where it should be, and tree planting.


  • Encouraging everyone to make choices for a Greener Future that reduce our impact on the environment, like buying phosphate free dishwasher detergent.


  • Celebrating our beautiful landscape and heritage through art, music and literature. Repairing and recording our cultural landscape, such as work to improve Ambleside Roman Fort.


  • Learning opportunities, you can learn to lead and manage volunteers, or about environmental issues and their management on a free course, or you can pick up new skills by volunteering.

Many projects also help preserve, restore and protect important natural habitats.