Celebrating Landscape and Heritage

Floating Story - Thousands of visitors (and locals too) enjoy trips on Windermere’s launches and ferries every year. We’re working on a series of short quirky fun film that tell some of the areas great stories. You’ll be able to acess them by scanning posters and postcards aboard the Windermere Lake Cruise boats (and other locations). We hope that you’ll enjoy them and they’ll help you get a better understanding of the area’s rich natural and cultural environment. Watch this space or sign up to oue e-bulletin for news.


Creative Reflections - Creativity in its many guises offers a new and different ways of telling the story of landscape, its protection and restoration.  This project give us a chance to celebrate the landscape through a range of events (including family story walks, art workshops, musical performance and more). We’ve been creating cartoon characters and are working with school children on creating short aminations, drawn beautiful pictures, created great poems and stories, stunning wall hangings, and more/ It will all come together in an exhibition. You’ll might have seen some of it last summer at Brockhole? We’re still on the hunt for local groups, schools and individuals to get involved, so get in touch. Some elements of this project are being delivered with help from Windermere Rotary Club.


Romans by the Rivers - We’ve now completed the protection and strengthening of the remains of Ambleside Roman Fort’s gatehouse, the commander’s house and the headquarters buildings (deturfed and lime mortared) so you can get a better feel for what was once there; we’re now working on improving the way we tell you about the history of the site and what you can see.  The National Trust are running this project for us.


Reflections on History - You may think the landscape of the Windermere catchment is ‘natural’ but it’s been shaped by people since 8000 years BC! People created the environment they needed for food, water, tools, building materials and power. We’ve been investigating historic use of woodlands, water power (fulling mills once used to wash and prepare sheeps fleece for market). This year we’ll be investigating what traces mineral extraction has left in the area through archaeological surveys. This project is being run by the National Trust and National Park on our behalf.


Access to the Western Shore - We’ve been helping locals and visitors discover and enjoy the wilder western shoreline of Windermere, with its wildlife and rich cultural heritage. With the help of lots of volunteers improvements continue to be made to Claife Viewing Station with views already opend up, other views along the route between Claife and Wray Castle have been opened up too. Refurfaced and new paths mean it is now easier to access cultural heritage sites like Wray Castle and Bark Barn and the work continues so plenty of time to get involved. The National Trust are leading this project on our behalf.


Secret Windermere - Despite being the most visited area in the Lakes there are still plenty of opportunities to find a bit of peace and quiet. Being able to ‘escape from it all’ and relax is good for you. We’ve been working with school children to explore what and where tranquillity is, and are producing a range of materials capturing what our younger generations discover. Through a series of events many of us also got to explore tranquillity, sometimes in way you may not have thought of like outdoor Tai Chi and star gazing. Friends of the Lake District are leading this project for us. Watch our for details of it’s big finale in March this year!