Choices for a Greener Future

Windermere Footprint - There are lots of really great aspects to this project. We’re working with several local groups to engourage residents and visitors to do thier bit to help improve the long term health and water quality of the catchment. So whether that’s using green transport, buying phosphate free detergent or managing your garden / grounds for wildlife there are lots of small tweaks we can make to our everyday lives that together make a big difference. We’re also developing media campaigns including one that will highlight some of the heros that are already doing the right thing by our lakes. There’ll be a fun and funky short animated film to enjoy via your smart phone, in the local cinema or as demonstrated by our street entertainers (look out for them from Easter on). So whether you’re an individual, group, or business we’ll help you identify ways you can help.


Winderclean - Rubbish is not only unsightly but is actually harmful to wildlife. We’re working with schools, businesses, community groups, and anyone who’s interested to ‘clean up’ and raise awareness of the importance of getting rid of your rubbish properly. To ‘Adopt a Patch’ to keep clean get in touch. The National Park are leading this project on our behalf.


B4 network - This project is all about getting us out of our cars and into Buses, Boots, Bikes and Boats. It has be absorbed into the bigger Go Lakes Travel. See for more info. 


Greener Boating - Windermere and other lakes in the catchment are popular places to go boating. Our lakes are sensitive places, to improve their water quality and habitats we’re working with boat users to ensure that all things boat related are done in the best way possible. We’re running workshops about ‘winterising’ your boat, producing useful information about oil and fuel, spill management, washing down, anti-foulants craft, launch points, and waste water disposal. Check out our Greener Boating Handbook. Look out for us at the Windermere Boat Show. The Environment Agency are leading this project for us. 

Love your Lakes


Love your Lakes - High phosphate levels, rising lake temperatures and warm weather result in blue-green algae which is harmful to wildlife and humans, the scenic value of the lake, and the tourism economy which depends on it. Some comes from washing powders, dishwashing detergent, and fertilisers. We can all play a part in improving things, we’re helping local businesses, residents, and visitors take simple steps to reduce the amount of phosphates going into the lake. See  for more information and copies of our downloadable leafelts. Nurture Lakeland are leading this project for us.


 SORCE - Each year lots of recreational and challenge events take place in and around Windermere. If not carefully planned and managed some have a negative impact on our landscape. Consultation and research showed the need for clear environmental guidelines to assist event organisers. The landscape is there for everyone to enjoy and with the guidance we’ve developed events organisers and participants can ensure they aren’t damaging. See Nurture Adventure for more information and copies of our downloadable toolkit and participants guide. Nurture Lakeland developed the guidance on our behalf.