Pukka paths produced

It’s been a busy year and we’ve been working to create an important stretch of lakeshore path between Wray Castle and the Red Nab Bridleway on Windermere’s western shore. National Trust rangers and a wide range of volunteers including rehabilitation organisations, local schools and colleges, inner city youth charities and National Trust volunteers have all been wielding shovels and mattocks for the best part of a year building the path in sections and doing coppicing and dry-stone walling as they go. This August we were really pleased to hit our ‘Access to the Western Shore’ project target by completing the section at the bottom of the slope leading from the Wray Castle down to the bay.

In a nice touch the last group to work on the path and ‘close the gap’ (West Runton volunteers – see photo) were the same group that started the whole thing off almost exactly a year ago! It’s great to walk now. As you enjoy it spare a thought for all those who did their bit to make it happen, many of whom have said they’ll be back to check on their work!

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