Romans by the Rivers getting Geophysical

Having uncovered and conserved remains of key buildings over the last 2 summers and put in a new ‘access for all’ gate (from Borrans Park) with the help of volunteers in late March Ambleside Roman Fort was immediately buried in snow! Having thawed out thoughts turned to improving the sites signage and interpretation to help more people discover this gem! As part of the information gathering process the volunteers have been investigating what lies beneath using ‘geophys’ kit that will be familiar to watchers of Time Team. Working alongside National Trust professional and other experts keen volunteers used some pricy magnetometry (or resistivity) kit, cables and measuring tapes to create a picture of remains still buried – ‘numerous rectangular structures’ within the fort wall. The number crunching and interpretation of the data continues but the information will feed into planned interpretation. Eventually we hope the wider area around the fort with be surveyed too to identify areas where the ‘civilians’ once lived and maybe even locate the bathhouse. Watch this space!

Based on article written by Alison Ewin our volunteer Roving Reporter

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