Romans by the Rivers

Saved for posterity in the early twentieth century and sitting in stunning surroundings in a field next to Borrans Park (at the head of Lake Windermere) lie the remains of Ambleside Roman Fort, once key in protecting the Empire’s northern supply lines. Excavated between1914-1920 by archaeologist R. G. Collingwood, the remains were re-covered with protective turf and fenced off leaving a puzzle for visitors to unravel.

So for a fortnight this summer an army of 40 Romans by the Rivers volunteers de-turfed and lime mortared the remaining foundation walls of the Commanding Officer’s house and Headquarters building. Our army was led by National Trust’s archaeologist Jamie Lund and National Trust Building Conservation Team. This is the second summer work has taken place on site; next year the focus of attention will move on to telling the story of the site and improving access. In the mean time we hope having more of the walls visible and safe will encourage more people to explore the forts remains.

Based on article written by Alison Ewin our volunteer Roving Reporter.

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