Wombling Free

Saskia Halliwell is committed to keeping the patch she has adopted on Brant Fell above Bowness spick and span. She is one of a merry band of litter pickers who as part of our Winderclean project (lead on our behalf by the National Park) have all ‘picked a patch’ to look after. Saskia was inspired to go that extra mile after participating in the summer community clean up of Windermere’s shores that collects large amounts of litter each year. Saskia would encourage everyone to follow her example and give a little bit of time to keep a patch near you tip top, if that’s not your scene please make sure you take your litter home (or put it in a bin) and encourage others to do the same J. If you have a patch you care about and want to see litter free please get in touch with Steve Tatlock  on tel:07768 977813. All equipment is provided.

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