Woodland Course as a big THANK YOU!

Back in May last year Caroline Carr completed ‘Monitoring Catchments’ one of the then free  Windermere Reflections modules on offer as part of the University of Cumbria’s ‘Greening Outdoor Practice’ Post graduate Certificate and wanted to give something back.

For her assessment Caroline chose to study a woodland in Low Sawrey, Hawkshead. It had recently changed hands and new owners (Mr Primrose, Mr D. Hook and Mike O’Connell) were looking to change the way this dense woodland was managed to increase its biodiversity value. Meeting up with Horse Logging Apprentice, Dan Sumner, Caroline learned how the owners decision to managing the woods using horses to clear felled timber resulted in less pollutants to impact water courses and the wider environment and a natural regeneration of plant life. The woodland is now being managed with the duel aims of fuelling a wood chip boiler and encouraging natural biodiversity as the woodland regenerates. 

As a thank you to the owners and for the free course Caroline has organised a Woodland Survey course this May which will build on her initial study and record and evaluate changes that have occurred in the woodland since its new management regime started last year. Those participating will discover the history and background of the site and assess how effective the current management is by taking part in practical surveys examining the current health of watercourses and the level of biodiversity. For details of the course see events below.

For details of the Greening Outdoor Practice Pg Cert and the Windermere Reflections modules ‘Integrated Catchment Management’ & ‘Monitoring Catchments’ see http://www.cumbria.ac.uk/Courses/Subjects/ForestryOutdoor/Postgraduate/GreeningOutdoorPractice.aspx

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